Information about ERCEFURYL
SYRUP: Usual dosage: t to 30 months: 1 to 3 measuring spoons per day depending on age. In children: 3 measuring spoons per day in 3 doses.

CAPSULES: Usual adult dose: 1 capsule 4 times daily. The treatment duration should not exceed 7 days.

Each capsule contains 200 mg Nifuroxazide.

Each 5 ml contains 218 mg Nifuroxazide (200 mg/5 gr).

Indications and usage:
Acute diarrhoea presumed to be of bacterial origin, in the absence of suspected invasive phenomena.

Treatment does not obviate the need for rehydration when it is required. The degree and administration route of rehydration should be adjusted according to severity of diarrhoea and patient age.

Box of 20 capsules.

Bottle100 ml.