Information about Mepstan


Each Tablet contains 500mg Mefenamic Acid. Each 5ml of suspension contains 50mg Mefenamic Acid.


MEPSTAN should be taken with food with a full glass of water.

Adults: MEPSTAN tablets 500mg, three time daily.

Children: (MEPSTAN Suspension): After 6 months: 25mg/kg/day in doses (3-4 times). Excep for Still Disease, don't repeat the dosage for children.

Indications and usage:

MEPSTAN is also indicated for:

- Relief dental pain.

-Relief of mild moderarte pain including pain of muscular or traumatic origin.

-Headeche, post-operative and post-partum pain.

-Osteoarthritis, Dysmenorrhea and Neuorrhagia.

-Antipyretic for children.


MEPSTAN tablets: box of 20 tablets.

MEPSTAN suspension: bottle of 100ml.