Information about DENTIUM SENSETIVE
(Toothpaste Gel with flurinol)

Each 100 g contains: 
Nicomethanol Hydrofloride 0.85g (0.85%) i.e 1250 ppm of fluoride ions.
Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.0042g (0.0042%).
1. Dental hypersensitivity or ((sensitive teeth)) is manifested by short caused when teeth come in contact with hot or cold liquids, sweet or bitter foods and even when brushing teeth. It develops mainly after gingival inflammation causing gum retraction and exposure of part of the dental root. 
2. Dentinal hypersensitivity can also develop following removal of tartar or improper brushing with overly abrasive toothpaste. 
Using a toothbrush which is too hard can also cause hypersensitive teeth.
*Dentium sensitive: for hygiene and protection of sensitive teeth. 
About one-third of subjects have sensitive teeth. And it is easy to see why, out of fear of pain when brushing teeth; such a condition leads to insufficient dental hygiene which is harmful to healthy teeth and gums. 
*Dentium sensitive tooth paste gel: helps to reduce dentinal hypersensitivity when eating hot, cold, bitter or sweet food. 
*Dentium sensitive contains Nicomethnol Hydroflouride which action in protecting sensitive teeth has been demonstrated: 
- Strengthening the enamel and dentine.
- Studies have demonstrated its ability to quickly reduce sensitivity to aggressive agents.
*Dentium sensitive toothpaste gel: is gentile and virtually non-abrasive and so protects the particularly delicate surface of sensitive teeth.
When used regularly, the gel penetrates the spaces between teeth and the grooves and borders between teeth and gum. Its contents are 80% soluble thus, covers the entire surface of teeth and gums, providing better protection. Its menthol flavour provides a pleasant fresh feeling. 
- Protection of sensitive teeth.
- Daily oral care.
- Adults and children over 12.
Directions of Use:
We recommend brushing after each meal, preferably with a soft toothbrush.
A good teeth brushing should take about 2 – 3 minutes. 
Stop use the product and consult a dentist, of allergic reaction occurs. 
See your dentist or oral surgeon regularly. 
Don’t store above 30° C.
Cartoon pack contains 75 g aluminium tube.