Each 100 g contains: Sodium Bicarbonate 10 g.
About the Product:
- Non-abrasive micropulverised Sodium Bicarbonate Toothpaste.
- Many external factors can cause areas of colored staining on the surface of teeth enamel:
* The use of tobacco causes a yellow to black coloration which becomes deeper when food is consumed.
* Food and some drinks also encourage the appearance of stubborn brown stains which build up on the enamel.
* The presence of tartar intensifies this phenomenon as its rough surface encourages deposits to form.
- The desire to regain the natural whiteness of one's teeth is normal and traditional toothpastes are not all able to dislodge this unsightly staining of dental fissures and grooves.
- On the other hand, these stains can easily be removed through the regular use of a whitening toothpaste with cleaning and polishing properties.
- Polishing the enamel makes the teeth sparkle, prevents colored deposits from forming enamel makes the teeth sparkle, prevents colored deposits from forming and restores the natural whiteness to your smile.
- Dentium Whitening Toothpaste containing nonabrasive, micropulverised sodium bicarbonate, long known for its whitening properties. Sodium Bicarbonate is used by
dental surgeons to polish and whiten enamel. Teeth become brilliantly white again by elimination of the stains caused by food and tobacco, and the surface of the teeth gleams.
- It is used in a new form in Dentium Whitening Toothpaste: Micropulverised.
The micropulverisation process produces extremely fine particles which have improved whitening properties; cleaning and polishing are more effective when carried out gently. And above all, this new active ingredient is not abrasive.
Dentium Whitening Toothpaste the system for whitening teeth:
- Dentium Whitening Toothpaste ensures that your smile will be attractive and that your teeth will be brilliant and white.
- The results are immediately apparent and are even better over time.
- What is more, its menthol flavor produces a pleasant fresh feeling.
- Dentium Whitening Toothpaste is used every day to protect teeth enamel.
For the daily care of teeth.
- Eliminates dental stains caused by food and tobacco.
- Polishes dental enamel.
Directions for Use:
- Dentium Whitening Toothpaste is a product for cleaning and whitening teeth, for use in the regular brushing of teeth.
- Squeeze the paste onto a dry tooth brush and brush in the usual way, concentrating on the colored areas, and then rinse.
- Three times daily brushing is recommended.
Don’t Store above  30°C.
Carton Pack contains 75 g aluminum tube.