Information about DENTIUM TOOTHPASTE

Each 100 g contains:
- Chlorhexidine dinedigluconate 4 mg.
- Calcium Carbonate 38 g.
- Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).
- Gingiva bleeding.
- Paradontopathies (disorders of tissue supporting the teeth).
- Prevention of tooth decay by bactericidal action against dental plaque (destroys bacteria in plaque).
This product should not be used in subjects with known allergy to chlorhexidine or to other product ingredients.
Adverse Effects:
Notify your physician or pharmacist of any undesirable and bothersome effect.
Precautions for Use:
In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask your physician or pharmacist for advice.
Directions for Use:
• Topical application for teeth and gum.
• Teeth and gums should be brushed regularly, with special emphasis on the gums close to the teeth.
• It is recommended to use it twice daily.
• The duration of brushing the teeth is about 2-3 minutes, once or twice a day, after each meal or before going to bed. This is necessary to maintain the health of the teeth and gums.
Don’t Store above 30°C.
Carton pack contains 50 g aluminum tube.