Information about Locacid-Uni

Each 1 g of cream contains: 0.5 mg Tretinoin. Each 1 ml of lotion contains: 1 mg Tretinoin.
In general, apply once per day preferably in the evening half an hour before bedtime on perfectly dry skin (fifteen minutes after gentle cleansing with cleansing milk or dermatological soap). A quantity of cream or solution is usually distributed to areas to be treated gently.
Indications and Usage:
The various clinical forms of acne (apart from acne rosacea):
-   Acne vulgaris: common or with a predominance of comedones and microcysts.
-  Other types of acne (acneform eruptions): durg-induced acne due to corticosteroids, barbiturates……etc. 
Tube of 30 g for cream.
Bottle of 30 ml for lotion.