Sleep Fast

Information about Sleep Fast
Each Sublingual Tablet contains Melatonin 2.5 or 5 mg.
Lactose, Mannitol, Povidone, Aerosil, Saccharin Sodium, Croscarmellose Sodium, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, Sorbitol, Blackcurrant flavor
Sleep Fast is indicated as a sleep inducer, and stabilizer in patients with early insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), intermediate insomnia (spontaneous awakening during the night), late insomnia (difficulty maintaining or shortening sleep) and correcting Circadian cycles of sleep and wakefulness in patients with advanced or delayed sleep phase syndromes and in patients who suffer changes in travel or work activity schedules.
Dose and route of administration: 
The tablets are designed to be administered sublingually and thus obtain greater effective concentration of the drug in the patient, however, they can also be swallowed, taking into account that absorption is slower and variable. In the treatment of insomnia, administer 1 tablet of 2.5 or 5 mg sublingually daily, according to the dose recommended by the doctor, before bedtime. In patients with mild sleep disorders, it may be sufficient to use 2.5 mg before bedtime sublingually. To restore sleep in patients with schedule changes, the administration of 5 mg sublingually daily is recommended. In blind patients with sleep disorders, 5 mg is also recommended sublingually, before bedtime, in case of observing a very prolonged effect, the dose can be decreased to 2.5 mg. In patients with hepatopathies, insufficiency or cirrhosis, in whom sleep disorders are also found, and it is convenient to administer the drug, it should be considered that the half-life and the elimination of the product are significantly modified, so it is convenient to use the dose of 2.5 mg and observe the result individually.
Or can be taken as one tablet (2.5 mg) 10 -20 minutes before bed time.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Several studies have tried to establish the safety of the use of exogenous Melatonin during pregnancy; however, the results have shown that there are wide ranges of variability, according to the number of weeks of gestation. It is known that Melatonin levels are normally increased in the body, while gestational age increases. In addition to this, it is known that Melatonin stimulates the luteal production of progesterone and decreases the production of prostaglandins. Other studies have shown that when doses ranging from 75 mg to 300 mg daily are administered, Melatonin decreases ovarian function, and significantly lowers blood levels of luteinizing hormone and estradiol. For all the above and the lack of clinical safety studies in this type of patients, the use of Melatonin during pregnancy is not recommended, and if its administration is necessary, the doctor is the one who should judge the potential risks against expected benefits. It is unknown if it is excreted in breast milk.
Storage conditions:
Sleep Fast: 2.5 mg & 5 mg Store at a temperature not exceeding 30°C in a dry place.
Pack of 30 sublingual tablets for the two strengths.