Information about B-PLUS

B- Plus other than the physician’s directions, is used- in general- as follows:

Children over 8 years of age: One capsule daily

Adults: 1-2 capsules daily .


Each capsule contains: - 20mg Thiamine mononitrate "Vit. B1" - 10mg Riboflavine "Vit. B2" - 30mg Nicotinamid - 10mg Pyridoxine Hydrochrhide "Vit. B6" - 20mg Calcium Pantothenate - 200mg Ascorbic Acid "Vit. C" All are coated as pellets to be well preserved.

Indications and usage:

B -Plus is indicated for:

- Treatment of deficiency of any vitamine of B-complex group, and in cases of nutritional disturbances due to natural aging.

- Cases of weight loss due to tough diet..

- Cases of antibiotics prolonged therapy.

- Convalescence phase after operation and diabetes mellitus.

- Cases of absorption disturbances.

- Pregnancy and lactation .

- Cases of calicum deficiencies.

- Scurvy disease.


Packs of  20 capsules.