Information about MYCOSTATINTM
Each 1 ml of the suspension contains: 100.000 units of Nystatin in a light yellow color, sweetened with cherry and mint, is recorded in usable glass containers with a drop of 0.8 ml and 1 ml. Once eaten by the dropper, it spreads rapidly in the mouth.

Adults: The usual dose for oral candidiasis is 1 ml (100.000 units) four times a day, and is taken in the mouth and kept as much as possible before swallowing. Treatment should be continued for at least 48 hours after recovery to prevent relapses and the dose may be increased as desired. 

Indications and usage:
For the prevention and treatment of candidal infections of the oral cavity, oesophagus and intestinal tract. It provides effective prophylaxis against oral candidosis in those born of mothers with vaginal candidosis.. Also for use in intestinal candidosis

Bottle of 30 ml with droper.