Information about KENACOMB
Cream: Pale buff / Ointment: Yellow to amber in Plastibase Containing in each gram the following: Triamcinolone acetonide 0.1 %, Neomycin (as sulphate) 0.25%, Gramicidin 0.025%, Nystatin 100,000 units.

Adults and children: Cream, Ointment: Apply to the affected areas two to four times daily.

Elderly: Natural thinning of the skin occurs in the elderly, hence corticosteroids should be used sparingly and for short periods of time.

Indications and usage:
KENACOMB is anti-inflammatory ointment cream, anti-itch, antifungal, anti-bacterial.

It is described in: eczema allergies, eczema contact, eczema hair follicles, eczema children, round eczema, eczema after the wounds, fatty eczema, eczema dizziness.

Tube of 15 or 30 g for cream and ointment.