Information about Diprogenta
A thin film of DIPROGENTA Cream or Ointment Should be applied to cover completely the affected area twice daily. In the morning and atnight . For Some patients, adequate maintenance therapy may be achieved with less frequent application.

DIPROGENTA Cream and Ointment providein each gram - betamethasone dipropionate equivalent to 0.5 mg (0.05%) of betamethasone . - gentamicine sulfate, equivalent to 1mg (0.1%) of gentamicine base.

Indications and usage:
DIPROGENTA Cream and Ointment are indicated for the relief of the inflammatory manifestations of corticosteroid responsive dematoses when complicated by secondary infection, Caused by organisms susceptible to gentamicin or when the possibility of such int

DIPROGENTA Cream: Tubes of 15 grams DIPROGENTA Ointment: Tubes of 15 grams