Information about UNICETAM


Each capsule contains: piracetam 400 mg.

Each tablet contains: piracetam 800 mg.

Each 5 ml contains: piracetam 1000 mg.


As directed by the physician.

Adults: the average dosage shall be as follows: Initially: 800 mg three time daily, when the desired effect has been obtained gradually reduce to 400 mg three time daily.

Children: Between 30 and 50 mg / Kg / day.

Indications and usage:

Involutional syndromes related to ageing: memory, deficits, particularly with regard to fixation and evocation, asthenia, adaptation disorders, disturbed psychomotor reactions (established demential conditions and pre-senile dementia such as Pick’s disease.


20 Capsules scored of 400 mg

10 or 20 tablets of 800 mg

100 ml Syrup 20% solution