Information about SEPTRIN

Adult tablets: Each table contains 80mg trimethoprim BP and 400mg Sulpha-methoxazole BP.

Double Strength (Forte) : Each tablet contains 160mg Trimethoprim BP and 800mg Sulpha-methoxazole BP.

Suspension for children: Each 5 ml of suspension contains 40mg Trimethoprim BP and 200mg Sulpha-methoxazole BP.

It may be preferable to take Septrin with some food or drink to minimise the possibility of gastro-intestinal disturbances

Acute infections: Adult Tablets:. Double strength Tablets Adults and children over 12 years:

Standard dosage : one every 12 hours, should not be given to children under 12 years.

Indications and usage:
Septrin is indicated for the treatment of :

- Urinary tract infections (upper and lower): Acute infections Long-term prophylaxis of recurrent or suppression of chronic infection sterilization of the urine Bacterial prostatitis - Respiratory tract infections: middle ear infection, sinusitis, and acute bronchitis.

Double Strength Tablets: BOX contain of 10 Tablets Pediatric

Suspension: Bottle of 100 ml